Meet the Ounce

In Homes

The importance of the birth-to-three years cannot be overstated. Nor can the importance of empowering parents. Doulas and home visitors partner with families when they are most vulnerable: throughout pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life. They forge open, trusting relationships with the parents that allow them to deliver coaching, mentoring and knowledge. They are too often the unknown and unsung heroes of successful, comprehensive early learning systems.

Video thumbnail of Kelly Woodlock - Director of Professional Development
Meet Kelly, director of our home visiting professional development programs and the National Summit on Quality in Home Visiting Programs.
Video thumbnail of Hilary Korabik - Duola, Christopher House
Meet Hilary, doula at Christopher House, an Ounce-funded home visiting program.

In Schools

Parents make the ultimate leap of faith when they leave their child at an early learning school or program. They trust the school to nurture, protect and educate their child. High-quality programs partner with parents to set children on the path to success before they enter the formal K–12 educational system. And high-quality programs are driven by strong leaders and talented, dedicated teachers.

Video thumbnail of Marsha Hawley - Project Director of Lead Learn Excel
Meet Marsha, a leading force behind the launch and expansion of the Lead Learn Excel leadership development program.
Video thumbnail of Malika Daniels - Educare Chicago Master Teacher
Meet Malika, master teacher guiding instruction and collaboration among teachers at Educare Chicago.
Video thumbnail of Debra Pacchiano - Vice President of Research to Practice
Meet Debra, architect of our strategy to connect center-based research to practice.

In Communities

Early learning schools and programs play a pivotal role in communities. They are a welcoming haven where parents meet, network, learn and connect to other services in the community. Parent meetings, resource groups and everyday interactions with peers and teachers provide support for parents at the beginning of their child’s academic career. The tools and skills they learn empower them with a strong voice as they navigate their child’s path through the education system. The schools are a collective voice for those who need it most.

Video thumbnail of Caprice, Educare Chicago alumni parent
Meet Caprice, parent and Educare Chicago Alumni Network community leader.
Video thumbnail of Andrew Krugly, Educare Director of Education
Meet Andrew, strengthening the Educare network of schools.
Video thumbnail of Deborah Hampton - Director, Grantee Support Services & Ericka Farag - Director of Edgewater Early Learning Center
Meet Ericka & Deborah, working together to build community in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood.