Step 2 -- Steadiness is next

Being Fit 4 the Street is a question of balance.

Even if you are not a professional fighter or an athlete, having a strong core is extremely important and offers many benefits. Your core serves as the foundation for all body movement and is vital in power output and the transfer of energy. It also has a hand in your posture and stability and in the protection of vital internal organs.

Core training improves all around functional fitness which then allows you to perform everyday tasks such as bending, lifting and even walking with less strain and risk of injury. A stronger core will enable you to generate more powerful and rapid arm and leg movements and help increase stamina. All of these things are important to be able to have the explosive energy needed to survive a fight or flight situation whether it be facing a disaster or an assailant.

My program hits your core functionally... not with repetitive boring crunches but with explosive full body motions and balancing movements that challenge not only your core but your entire body and even nervous system. Muscles, especially your core, all work together in harmony to provide stabilization of your body and transfer power from your legs to your upper body and vice versa. Is your body up for the challenges it may face? How’s your stability?

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Bob's educational philosophy

Your goals of a better life are attainable. Whatever your personal needs might be in terms of fitness, self defense, or just an over all sense of being, it is all within your reach.
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Custom tailored self-defense seminars for individuals or groups including but not limited to:

  • General awareness
  • Criminal mind-set
  • Self defense for runners
  • Weapons defenses
  • Combat fitness
  • Women’s self defense
  • Family self defense
  • General tactics against vicious animals
  • Weight loss
  • Functional fitness
  • High intensity interval training

We also specialize in seminars on Defensive tactics against active shooters for individuals, businesses, and school faculties.


Bob Trotter's services are offered at two locations, Roger's Park or Krav Maga Illinois in Highland Park. Private and limited semi-private (2 people max) classes are offered at our Rogers Park location while training seminars as well as private classes are offered at the Highland Park location. Private and semi-private seminars can be arranged at the Roger's Park location on request. In-home private instruction is also available for a negotiated fee.

Ask about discounts for LEO, military, first responders, and school teachers.