Step 1 -- Getting ready

Why Fit 4 the Street Is Unique.

Do you have a burning desire to get really fit?

What is fit? What does fit mean to you? Can you walk up a flight of stairs without being winded? Can you carry groceries while holding a baby without your arms fatiguing and feeling the need to put something down? What about walking a mile or two if your car broke down?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then consider there is little chance you could fight off an attacker if you were ever jumped, run to safety if you were chased, or help in a meaningful way in the face of natural disaster.

Physical fitness is not about lifting the most weight at the gym or competing in a marathon. True fitness is a state of awareness that allows your inner strength to become functional in the face of anything that life brings your way. Fitness is the business of building a well-prepared and functional body for your everyday life for the rest of your life, and it is not hard to do.

My Fit4thestreet program is a safe, practical approach to training everyone in the skills of self-preservation without the fear of being injured during training. My program is designed to exceed the demands of any situation and show you that being physically fit is vital to reducing your chances of becoming a victim of circumstance.

Your benefits will include; weight loss, muscle tone, increased endurance, strength, power, agility and reaction time, as well as speed and flexibility. All these attributes will help you in your everyday life, and be accessible to you whenever and wherever needed.

Every lesson is different. Your program will be custom designed to change and evolve with your needs. You will feel excited and challenged by a variety of exercises and tasks designed to inspire you physically and mentally.

Losing weight will make you smaller, but being fit is something better. This program is designed to help you master tasks and skills that will make you more energetic and fit for life!

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Bob's educational philosophy

Your goals of a better life are attainable. Whatever your personal needs might be in terms of fitness, self defense, or just an over all sense of being, it is all within your reach.
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Custom tailored self-defense seminars for individuals or groups including but not limited to:

  • General awareness
  • Criminal mind-set
  • Self defense for runners
  • Weapons defenses
  • Combat fitness
  • Women’s self defense
  • Family self defense
  • General tactics against vicious animals
  • Weight loss
  • Functional fitness
  • High intensity interval training

We also specialize in seminars on Defensive tactics against active shooters for individuals, businesses, and school faculties.


Bob Trotter's services are offered at two locations, Roger's Park or Krav Maga Illinois in Highland Park. Private and limited semi-private (2 people max) classes are offered at our Rogers Park location while training seminars as well as private classes are offered at the Highland Park location. Private and semi-private seminars can be arranged at the Roger's Park location on request. In-home private instruction is also available for a negotiated fee.

Ask about discounts for LEO, military, first responders, and school teachers.